Saturday, April 14, 2012

Would the person who took my pancakes kindly return them?

Wednesday morning I awoke from a vivid, terrible dream. For some reason, I had spent the night at work. I had brought with me bags containing a change of clothes and my breakfast. I knew I had to get dressed and eat breakfast before starting my work day, but before I could do so, my co-workers began to arrive. Soon the room was full of people and cluttered with their stuff—purses, lunch bags, brief cases, and so forth. It became increasingly difficult to search for my clothes and breakfast, but I eventually found a plate of pancakes. I put the pancakes aside and resumed looking for my clothes. A few people were trying to help me, but most were just getting in my way. Someone managed to find me a shirt, but there was still no sign of my pants. I decided to eat the pancakes, but when I returned to where I had left them, someone had taken them. When I woke up, it took me several minutes to shake off the feelings of frustration and betrayal.

Just your average, run-of-the-mill anxiety dream, right? Everyone has them—usually about work or school. You're late, you can't find your locker or remember your combination, or you're unprepared for an important test or presentation. My anxiety dreams usually have to do with theatre: I'm about to go on stage and I don't know my lines or even what play I'm in. Either that, or I'm backstage looking for my pants.

I imagine that being pantsless is fairly common in anxiety dreams. But pancakes? To the best of my knowledge, I've never dreamed of pancakes before. I looked up the meaning of pancakes in dreams and found the following:
To make or eat pancakes in your dream represents gratification and pleasure in your current situation. It may also mean that you take pleasure and comfort in your work.
So if someone I work with steals my pancakes, maybe it means that someone I work with is taking the pleasure and comfort out of my job.

Or it could just mean that I was hungry.

In any case, from now on I am going to keep an eye on my co-workers. And on my pancakes.

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